Cat Shit One Trailer

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hobby Complex 07

Here are some display at Hobby Complex 07 in Tokyo recently.

Cat Shit One resin kits


Naked Star Girl

Mercedes from Odin Sphere

Tsukasa Bullet Compact Hog

Felicia Andress by Shungo Yazawa

Above photos credited to

June issue Vol. 53

JUNE issue out soon



I never ever knew once my favourite comic came to animated soon. Boy am i happy to

know it. It was about 10 years since i came accross this comic when i purchase some imported japanese book of weapon. CAT SHIT ONE is about a group of special force against terrorism or comunist. It set somewhere during the vietnam war. Believe me...they are bunch of cute rabbit in fully army equip. It's not funny but rather serious kind of warfare. The enemy consist all of animals. Bear, donkey, cats etc.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Of My Rendering Works

More Masculin Collection

Hey, i'm not refering these are for boys only. Just that these are more masculin type of figure. Well's cool for you out there to have such collection.

I wonder why they never upgrade the weapons.

This one very cool. The eyes has got led. Good for displaying in darker area. But a bit freak if at night. Ha ha XD..........Good buy!!

Some cute stuff

Sengoku Rance - Really admire her hair. Very feminine warrior.

Kokoroe Rin - Nendoroid

Miku Hatsune - how i wish it's real..^^

Cute yoko - an awsome posing. very japanese touch.

Last Night,Goodnight