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Friday, August 21, 2009


If you ever had a chance to visit Shinjuku Japan, try visit these place for an experience. Well this is not like what you've been thinking. This is a very popular spot now especially in this kind of era. Place to release stress and place to enjoy. They are proffesional trained and had the looks. These area known as Kabukichō. But make sure you are able to drink a few glass ^0^. That is why i love Japan....... This kind of job really makes fast $$ during the economic downturn. With the nation being affected by the recession, host/hostess jobs seem to be among the most easy, well-paying jobs available to men and women. The young believes that you can earn money just by drinking with client and mostly does not involve prostitution. Some of them work to pay their way through college or toward a degree. They are often ranked according to popularity among clients, with the No.1 of each club assuming the status of a star .

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