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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Thanx to my friend for helping me to purchase this cheap cheap HGUC Zaku II. Well i wanted all this time to get myself a MG White Ogre but the price are damn high. Some more i dun have the 100% confident to weather the Ogre just like in the MS Igloo 2. So i wanted to try out on a cheaper kit. I had a hard time getting the lizard on the forehead and the shield. Even hard to get the Zeon logo to the chest. I didnt use the decal coz the lizard doesnt comes in this 1/144 scale. So i'm just testing my skill to see how far can i go. Well i'm quite satisfy with it. Anyway i still need to mark the unit '441'. This kit shown in the photo here is still in progress. If you ever own this kit, you should know that it is a very clean kit. So i add much of the panel lines. I was hoping to get the Gouf custome, Zaku II and a GM just as the MS Igloo 2. So that's it for now. So hope to publish this Ogre again after i've completed weathering it. ^^

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